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August 06 2017

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how much is the cat??

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010)

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Bravest Steam review yet

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Best review for slime rancher. 

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What a difference 20 months makes! Above is the Slime Rancher proof of concept with random assets. Below is our current pre-alpha build.

It’s coming along!

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Is slime rancher good? It seems like stardew valley a little and if it’s like stardew valley it’s gotta be amazing 

Yes!! 10/10 it’s very good, it’s such a happy and lighthearted game! I got it yesterday and I’ve played for probably around ten hours or so? It’s a really bright and happy game, I love it!


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Dyed my hair! Before and after, didnt have any good before pics lol

Everyone please look at my cute friend

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why are you people like this

Stuff like that is just not okay…seriously… i mean that is a serious and emotional video and…just no.

So. God. Damn. Much. Facepalm.

Let me explain you whiny little shits a thing
Stop your fucking whining and let people fanperson over shit the way they want to without your whiny bitch opinion bringing negativity into it. Jfc.

Hey there! I’m usually one to pick my battles, but this error here is so egregious I felt a need to speak up about it. You don’t have to read this if you don’t want to, but, in fact, yaoi does not mean Boy’s Love. It is inherently sexual and it is not a “goddamn term for gay,” as we will see subsequently.

“The term yaoi is an acronym created in the late 1970s[1] by Yasuko Sakata and Akiko Hatsu[8] from the words Yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi (山[場]なし、落ちなし、意味なし) “No peak (climax), no fall (punch line/denouement), no meaning”. This phrase was first used as a “euphemism for the content”[9] and refers to how yaoi, as opposed to the “difficult to understand” shōnen-ai being produced by the Year 24 Group female manga authors,[10] focused on “the yummy parts”.“

Tl;dr: Yaoi is a Japanese word about equivalent to our phrase “porn without plot.” Of course, porn is necessarily inherently sexual–a genre that serves only to objectify the characters portrayed in it for the gratification of the consumer. It is not a term for gay. To my knowledge, in Japanese, that would be “gei,” which… literally is just the English word “gay” written in katakana. Additionally, according to Wikipedia, gay comics produced by mlm are literally called “gay comics (gei comi)” or bara. So your post is wrong on two points here.

BL and yaoi are also not synonymous terms. BL, or Boy’s Love, is an umbrella term encompassing genres such as yaoi and shounen-ai (another similar genre that is essentially softcore yaoi, focusing more on fluff than sexual activity but always in a more-or-less objectifying manner.) It does not include gay comics. Why? Because while the target audience of gay comics are actual real-live gay people (shocker), the target audience of BL is cishet girls and women.

Originally branded disparagingly as “fujoshi” (rotten girls) for “corrupting” pure friendships between male characters, this subset of people now wear the label as a badge of pride, in the same way that cishet girls in Western fanfiction circles often refer to themselves as “dirty sinners” for drawing two men kissing or holding hands. Why the motif of corruption? Because this consumer base sees same-sex interaction beyond the purely platonic as inherently dirty, sinful, shameful, and kinky. (This can be seen not only in the community’s moniker but in the genre’s conventions as well, as it relies heavily on tropes of rape, abuse, manipulation, etc, and essentially zero genuine depictions of earnest love.) This is denotatively and inarguably homophobia.

Thus, this is why you cannot call “In a Heartbeat” yaoi:

  1. Its producers are all Western. It doesn’t even use an anime art style.
  2. It is not sexual, or PWP. Its characters are not only children, but characters developed as people with which the viewer may empathize, and absolutely not objects for the viewer’s gratification.
  3. It was a short produced by and for LGBT people.

Now I may be a little out of my lane because I am not Japanese–I just consume a lot of anime and manga and read a lot. But I believe the information I have presented to be factually correct and I hope it is clear now why one cannot refer to this short or any other LGBT productions as yaoi, not only for reasons of social justice, but sheer linguistics as well.

Stop fetishizing LGBT y'all

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August 05 2017


“… several people are typing” is the internet’s version of when everyone inhales and opens their mouth at the same time and for one shining moment there is stillness before all hell breaks loose

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June 26 2017

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, June 26, 1910

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Here’s a mentally scarred Kho. You get to decide what she’s looking at.


Can you imagine. 
Can you imagine the mercenaries coming into the nwe are they need to defend / fight for, but before they fight, they need to check in for their daily job.
Just imagine seeing Scout running back in all like “I DIDN’T CLOCK IN, YOU GUYS GO AHEAD I’LL BE RIGHT BACK.”.
Or maybe they put all the cards really high up and Engie screams internally because he just can’t fucking reach it. 

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cortana, close divorce-papers.docx and open junkrat_sfm_cumpilation.mp4



nobody’s safe from woody

June 14 2017

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definitely not

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