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October 24 2017




i regret telling a coworker i was vegetarian because now a year later theyre vegan and they live in portland and every single day they post a video on facebook of them like running up to a truck full of cows and crying and apologizing to them

who’s papa john

I just realized that I commented on the wrong post.


There is a totaled, flipped car in the middle of an empty parking lot surrounded by a bunch of military cops and no ambulance so I’m really confused at what happened.

(And slightly disappointed it’s in front of the store I need to go into.)

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its time to summon that good good digital friend. you know who it is

its time to summon
that good good digital friend
you know who it is

^Haiku^bot^0.4. Sometimes I do stupid things (but I have improved with syllables!). Beep-boop!


gay culture is keysmashing when you can’t come up with a funny response to something

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the duality of a man

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October 23 2017

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Showed my discord server the Janket. They hated it. 


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if you fucked with crash then you know the anxiety these levels created

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You’re welcome

why is scruff mcgruff beating the shit out of reaper

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Netflix jumps in on the “First of all” meme, and comedy gold is struck.

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